Ella (Instrumental Version)


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  • Type: Afro, Dancehall, Reggaeton, Trap


Free downloads of any beat produced by ‘Octopvstotheparty (Nola de Castro)’ do not include any artistic, commercial, profitable or legislative rights to the beat. Those versions are only for non-profitable use, meaning only for demonstrational tracks. You are allowed to upload tracks (recorded over free downloaded beats) on internet pages like Reverbnation, Soundcloud, Facebook, Soundclick or Youtube, etc. When being uploaded or presented (for demonstrational use only!), credit always has to be given in a written form to ‘Octopvstotheparty’ (example: Beat by Octopvstotheparty – Octopvstothepartybeats.com) (e.g. in the song description or song title).  You are allowed to put the track on a free mixtape if it is for promotional use only and strictly for non-profitable purpose. If you want to put your song on an album, or manufacture physical copies, or sell your music in any form, you need to purchase at least a leasing license or higher license which is appropriate for your needs. The meaning of free downloads is to do a song for yourself, to do first pre-recordings and to see if the song works out well and is worth to make investments in one of the license types. It is not allowed to make any kind of profit with free download versions. No DVD-, no CD-, no TV-, no radio-streams or airplay allowed! No monetization of videos or any form of audio allowed. No streaming on platforms such as ‘Spotify’, ‘Apple Music’, ‘Deezer’, etc. allowed! Furthermore it is not allowed to make any changes to the beat or remove any of the used tags or blend out parts of the beat (beat-drops). Copying, distributing, uploading or ripping any audio material (e.g. beat, tag, sounds, instruments, drums, etc.) in any form other than allowed in this agreement is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated at any time! Downloading a tagged beat does not reserve rights to the beat for any form of future licensing. The person disobeying these rules will likely face a law suit for copyright infringement.

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